Scheduled Building Inspections

If you would like to schedule an inspection please dial 575-737-6448. Please leave your name and phone number, building permit number, the type inspection you are requesting and the physical address.

Inspections Scheduled

Date Permit Number
Inspection Type
Contractor Name
May 28, 2020
CO-053-20 Final
Steven Zin
May 28, 2020
CO-058-19 Fireplace
Don Penington
May 28, 2020
CO-031-20 Drywall
Tiny House Taos LLC
May 28, 2020
CO-260-19 Exterior Lath
Chuby's Construction
May 28, 2020
CO-075-20 Stem Wall
Sievers Construction
May 28, 2020
CO-085-20 Exterior Lath
Old Style Taos Adobe Const
May 28, 2020
CO-257-19 Stem Wall
George Rael Jr
May 28, 2020
Slab Kiker Construction
May 28, 2020
CO-287-19 Framing
Richard Hill
May 28, 2020
CO-071-19 Final Alexandra Kurtz
May 28, 2020
Slab Loveless Custom Building