Weekly Work Schedule

The following is the work planned for the week of 8/3/20. Any deviation from this plan will be noted in next week’s submittal.

District 1

• Grade roads:

o A-072 Camino Tortuga
o A-074 Avenida de Veronica
o A-073 Camino Loma Azul

• Continue to train new operator on heavy equipment and CDL Training
• Assist District 3 while personnel is out
• Assist other Departments as needed
• PM and clean equipment

District 2

• Haul and spread Base Course on roads:

o B-048 Ute Mountain Rd.
o B-046 Sunshine Valley Rd.

District 3

• Install culverts on C-066 Archuleta Rd @ Talpa Community Center
• Maintenance will be scheduled on an as needed basis

District 4

• Assist District 3 by installing culverts on C-066 Archuleta Rd at Talpa Community Center
• Use the water truck and grade roads

o B-074 Gallina Canyon Rd
o AB-079 El Salto Rd
o BA-039 Don Ben Romero Rd
o BA-038 Don Bernabe Garcia Rd
o BA-035 Quintana Rd
o BA-073 Estafeta
o BA-075 La Canada
• Repair pot holes on roads
o AB-004 Upper Ranchitos Rd
o BA-013 Rio Lucero Rd

District 5

• Grade roads

o C-001 El Valle
o C-058 Camino del Vadito

• Vegetation management in District 5 as needed
• Meeting with Superintendent on C-004 Jose Ignacio Rd
• Smash dumpsters in Chamisal Transfer Station
Deviations from last Week:
• Graded

o C-057 Valdez Rd
o C-035 Upper Llano Rd
o A-018 Piedmont Rd

• Cut brush on Piedmont Rd

Sign Technician

• Clean graffiti as needed
• Sign and post maintenance county wide
• Fabricate signs for inventory