Treasurer's Office

2020 Tax Bills

Toll Free Number currently unavailable.

Please call 


for further assistance.

State of Emergency

Due to the State of Emergency and for the protection of our team and taxpayers, we are encouraging you to utilize the following payment methods instead of in-person transactions:

  • Pay by phone: 575-737-6340 (English and Spanish)
  • Pay Online by clicking the "Pay Tax Bill" button to the left of the screen.
  • Pay by cash, check or money order at Centinel Bank or Hillcrest Bank 
    • (Tax Coupon must be present for payment at local banks.)
  • Pay by Drop box located at the Entrance of the Administration Building.
  • Pay by mail: 
    Taos County Treasurer’s Office
    105 Albright St., Suite F
    Taos, New Mexico 87571

 *Drop box payments must be by check or money order.

  • If you pay using online check there is a $1.50 fee.
  • If you pay online using a debit card there is a $3.95 fee.
  • If you pay online using a credit card there is a 2.35% fee on the amount that is paid.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Susan K. Trujillo

About Us

The Treasurer’s Office is the property tax collector for the County of Taos, Municipalities, School Districts, Special Districts and the State of New Mexico; and acts as a Fiscal Agent for other agencies within Taos County. The Treasurer is an essential part of County Government, we are the "banker" for Taos County.

Treasurer Duties

  • All public monies must be deposited within 24 hours after being received.
  • Assist in County Audit.
  • The County Treasurer invests surplus monies until they are needed for essential County operations.
  • Keep account of all monies received and disbursed.
  • Keep books, papers and monies pertaining to this Office ready for inspection by the Board of Commission at all times.
  • Keep track of all checks written and paid.
  • Prepare a financial statement Section 10-17-4 for County Commissioners, the County Manager, the Finance Department and the Department of Finance and Administration on a monthly basis.
  • Responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes.
  • Supervises the collection and deposits from all county departments that collect fees for service, licenses and revenues from grants and bonds issued and other special assessment.

Property Taxes

Property tax bills are mailed from Taos, New Mexico on November 1 of each year. The first half payment is due November 10 and becomes delinquent if payment is not received or posted before December 10. The second half payment is due April 10 and becomes delinquent if the payment is not received or posted by May 10. Pursuant to Section 7-38-49 and 50 NMSA 1978, if property taxes become delinquent, a 1% interest and 1% penalty shall be imposed, but the total penalty shall not exceed 5%.

Approximately 66,000 property tax bills are sent out by the County Treasurer’s Office annually. The County Assessor sets the assessed valuation and the State of New Mexico sets the tax rates for the County with final approval by the State of New Mexico Finance and Administration.

Payment Acceptance

The Office of the Treasurer accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and is equipped to accept Visa and MasterCard for payments made in our office and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payments made online. Payment for taxes can also be made at any of our local banks:

  • Centinel Bank
  • US Bank
  • Hillcrest Bank

Convenience Fee

Please be advised that is a 2.75% convenience fee that is charged by Visa, Mastercard and Discover per transaction for paying your property taxes online. For debit cards, there is a flat $3.95 fee per transaction.

Streamlined Process

The Treasurer’s Office sends out approximately 66,000 bills every year, lending itself to an enormous payment process. Our office has now streamlined those payments paid, via mail, to be mailed directly to our bank’s Bill Processing Center (lock-box) In Denver, Colorado. This process expedites the payment process for both the Treasurer’s Office and the Taxpayer.