Probate Forms

Do-It-Yourself Forms

The set of forms that need to be filed depends on whether there is a valid Last Will and Testament or not. Probate court cases can be filed with or without the help of an attorney. Do-it-yourself forms are available:

  • By purchasing printed copies that include instructions and recommended forms directly from the Clerk’s Office for a $5 fee
  • By requesting electronic versions to be emailed by the Judge for no charge, or
  • By accessing the forms online through the New Mexico Supreme Court Website. If you decide to download the forms online, we recommend that you review the website carefully to determine which forms are required at each state of the probate proceeding.


Please be aware that the Probate Judge and Clerks are not allowed to assist customers in completing any forms that might be needed. If you do not understand what information is needed on the forms, please carefully review the Instructions or consult with a licensed attorney experienced in Probate and Estate Planning.