Taos County Board of County Commissioners

FR Bob Romero, District 1

FR Bob Romero - District 1

Darlene VIgil, District 3

Darlene J. Vigil

Ronald Mascareñas, District 5

Ronald Mascarenas - District 5

Miguel Romero Jr., District 2


AnJanette Brush, District 4

AnJanette Brush
Commission ChairmanCommissioner FR Bob Romero
Commission Vice ChairmanCommissioner Ronald Mascareñas
Northern Rio Grande Heritage Area Board (NRGHA)Commissioner Darlene VigilCommissioner FR Bob Romero
Intergovernmental Council (IGC)Commissioner FR Bob RomeroCommissioner Ronald Mascareñas
Taos County Economic Development Board (TCEDC)Commissioner Darlene VigilCommissioner Miguel Romero Jr.
North Central N.M. Economic Development District Board (NCNMEDD)Commissioner AnJanette BrushCommissioner Miguel Romero Jr.
North Central Regional Transit District BoardCommissioner Ronald MascareñasCommissioner Darlene Vigil
Holy Cross Medical Center Nominating CommitteeCommissioner FR Bob Romero-
EC COADCommissioner Ronald MascareñasCommissioner Miguel Romero

Northern Area Workforce BoardCommissioner Miguel Romero Jr.

Commissioner AnJanette Brush

Taos County Cooperative Weed Management BoardCommissioner Darlene VigilCommissioner AnJanette Brush
NMC BoardCommissioner Darlene Vigil

Community School Initiative

Commissioner AnJanette Brush
Commissioner Darlene Vigil

Taos County Commission District Map

View an interactive map showing the 5 districts of Taos County.