A limit of 2 visitors is allowed for an onsite visit, and only two onsite visits are allowed per detainee per week.

A legal guardian or parent must accompany visitors under the age of 18.

Visits will not be scheduled for Holidays.

Pod Visitation Schedule
(Due to COVID-19 there is no in person visitation)

In Facility Video Visitation Times are 8:00am-11:30am and 1pm-3:30pm The last sign up for visits will be taken at 3:30 pm. Only one 20 minute visit per week is allowed per detainee. Visitation days and hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Video visits can be scheduled to be held from the facility between 8AM to 9:30AM and 11 AM to 2:30PM Monday through Friday.

10.23.2023 NCIC Remote Video Visitation - Brochure

10.23.2023 NCIC 4 Feature Pamphlet - English

10.23.2023 NCIC 4 Feature Pamphlet - Spanish


Any individual requesting to visit a detainee must be listed on the detainees visitation list and must present acceptable photo identification (ID). Acceptable ID’s include:

  • A current Driver’s License or State issued photo ID
  • Current Passport
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service Card
  • Military or Military Dependent ID

General Visitor Conduct / Dress Code

  1. All visitors must be appropriately attired in accordance with the TCADC policy before entering the facility.
  2. When attire is deemed not in accordance with the TCADC policy by the Front Reception Officer, the matter shall be brought to the attention of the Shift Supervisor.
  3. Visitors are subject to denial of visiting privilege for that day if their attire is not in accordance with the TCADC Policy.
  5. Entry into jail facility or on jail property is considered an act of consent for search of person or vehicle with reasonable suspicion. 
  6. Visitors suspected of illegal contraband will be searched and prosecuted if contraband is found.
  7. Visitors must be able to pass and clear through the metal detector. 

Other Conditions

Visitors are not permitted to enter the visiting area with:

  •  Cell-phones
  •  Any electronic devices not associated with an immediate medical health condition
  •  Tobacco items of any kind
  •  Matches
  •  Lighters
  •  Alcohol
  •  Controlled substances
  •  Illegal substances
  •  Any device, object or substance that is capable of causing injury or fear of injury