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7-36-2 A. (paraphrased) The County Assessor is responsible and has the authority for the valuation of all property subject to valuation for property taxation purposes in the county except the property specified by Subsections B and C of this section. 


I, Abel L. Montoya, will hold the above responsibilities to the utmost importance as it is my responsibility to assess all property in Taos County as fair and accurately as possible. 

My staff and I are here to serve our number one priority which is the public of Taos County and the State of New Mexico. I am committed to serving all constituents of Taos County to the best of my ability. 

I will always have an open door for ideas and for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your property valuation. I want to educate the public in how the Assessor’s Office runs day to day and be able to provide a listening ear and helping hand to all.  



As Taos County Assessor my goal is to continue aggressive mapping in conjunction with correcting property records in order to be able to locate properties and assess as accurately as possible. I will focus on what can be done to help property owners as well as looking into legislative procedures that will help resolve problems and continue helping the tax payers as I always have. I will treat my staff with respect and compassion for they are the ones that make the Assessor’s Office.


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