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Next LEPC Meeting
July 19, 2018 from 12 to 1pm
County Administration Building
Clerk's Conference Room


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The mission of the Taos County Office of Emergency Management is to educate the citizens of this community in emergency preparedness and protection, to mitigate dangers through comprehensive coordination and planning with both the public safety and public service agencies, and to respond to and recover from all hazards natural and man made.  

The Taos County Office of Emergency Management is charged with providing organized analysis, planning, decision-making, and assignment of available resources to mitigate, prepare, respond to and recover from the effects of all hazards.  This is accomplished through ensuring the operational readiness of first responders, partnering with other emergency service agencies such as:  hospitals, clinics, volunteer healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies, tribal agencies, community service organizations, school and other City, County, State and National agencies and organizations. 

This Department also ensures and maintains the operations of the County Emergency Operations Center through on-going training programs.


Emergency Management 

  • Provided by State Statute 12-10-5 (NMSA 1978)
  • Ordinance No. 1991-37 Civil Preparedness Act
  • Purpose - To coordinate the emergency management activities of the County and maintain liaison with all other organizations, municipalities, counties, and the State of NM, that may respond and assist with a large scale emergency
  • Education
    • Provide training, workshops, exercises and resource materials to the community, public and private
  • Coordination
    • Maintain liaison with private and public partners including municipalities, organizations and private industry
  • Planning / Response
    • Plan and respond to emergencies within ALL of Taos County including Municipalities and Pueblos, if requested
    • Assist public and private sector in emergency planning


Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) 

  • Provided by Federal Statute (EPA) - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), TITLE - III, 1986  
  • Resolution No. 2005-13 
  • Purpose - To minimize damage and loss of life resulting from natural or man-made disasters through careful planning and identification of natural hazards and hazardous materials, to provide the public with information regarding hazardous chemicals within the County and to assist local emergency management.


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