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The Solid Waste Administration of the County of Taos will provide a comprehensive solid waste collection, diversion, and disposal system, in the interest of the health and safety of all county residents.

Solid Waste Administration will maintain an efficient billing system, with a continually updated database, and will prudently conduct business in a fair manner that is sensitive to and maximizes customer satisfaction.



  • Write and establish effective and efficient policies and procedures for processing transactions and maintaining a correct and clean solid waste billing database
  • Para-professional accounting and bookkeeping duties as needed to expedite various day-to-day functions of the solid waste billing division and customer service.
  • Perform a variety of full performance and working level customer service.
  • Monitor collection status, determine past due status and research 
  • property and exception status.
  •  Perform a variety of full performance and working level customer service.
  •  Monitor collection status, determine past due status and research property and exception status.



  • Increase our rate of collections on the customer's billed, increase revenue
  • More frequent extracts from the Assessor's Office database
  • Pro-active solid waste system public education



  • Facilitate communication between Taos County departments
  • Public feed back thru the Taos County Solid Waste Task Source


Information exchange with:

  • Private haulers
  • Municipalities
  • Homeowner associations including - mobile home parks and condominiums


 Payment Acceptance

The Office of the Solid Waste accepts cash, personal checks, money orders,cashiers checks, and is equipped to accept Visa and MasterCard payments made in our office and accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payments made online. 


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