ADC Prison Rape Elimination Act

Mission Statement

In accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003, the Taos County Adult Detention Center has established a zero-tolerance standard regarding the incidence of sexual misconduct.


By providing training, education and reviewing our policies and procedures on an ongoing basis, we are confident that we are providing the detainees, staff, contractors and volunteers with a facility environment which is in compliance with PREA mandates.

We are also confident that all of our staff, contractors and volunteers have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the PREA mandates and the Taos County Adult Detention Center policy and procedures in order to effectively ensure prevention strategies are in place, detection mechanisms are utilized, and responses/investigations to any allegations of sexual abuse or harassment are thorough, timely and objective. The purpose of PREA is the ultimate elimination of sexual misconduct within detention facilities, including the Taos County Adult Detention Center.