These facilities are the property of Taos County. The facility is served by 1 custodian for the equivalent of 3/4 of a day per week. These facilities serve as the “Community Center” for the people of Taos County.

Upgrades & Maintenance

We are constantly seeking ways to upgrade and maintain these buildings. The facilities includes:

  • 28,000 square feet 4-H indoor arena
  • 4,850 square feet exhibit hall/meeting space
  • Small conference room

Funding for Expansion

We have obtained funding for the expansion of the arena:

  • 40 by 40 feet covered livestock handling area
  • 7,200 square feet wing on the south side of the arena complete with restrooms
  • Concession area
  • Open space


We have also obtained partial funding from the legislature to build a canopy over the livestock pens.