Fire & EMS


Taos County Fire/EMS service provides 911 emergency medical care, and transport, fire protection, and rescue operations to the residents and visitors of Taos County.

Area of Operation

Taos County EMS covers nearly 2,200 square miles. A portion of Northern Taos County is covered by Questa and Red River EMS.


Taos County Fire/EMS is comprised of 13 volunteer fire districts that are spread throughout Taos County. The 13 Volunteer Districts are 100% volunteer based. These Volunteer firefighters are highly trained women and men who dedicate their time to provide a crucial service to the communities they live in. The training they receive are from the New Mexico State Fire Training Academy or the Enchanted Circle Regional Fire Protection Association.

Treatment Guidelines

The EMTs that comprise the EMS department are all New Mexico State Licensed EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediates, and Paramedics. The EMTs follow the treatment guidelines that are written and reviewed by the Physician Medical Director Dr. Douglas Dixon and the University of New Mexico EMS Consortium and follow the scope of practice set forth by the state of New Mexico.


The billing department is supervised by the office manager who is trained and certified by the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance.


Taos County Fire and EMS is operated by County Fire Chief Michael Cordova and County EMS Chief Christopher Medina.