Continuing Education Training at UNM - Taos

December 1 & 2, 2018

This was a two day conference which was free to Emergency First Responders and EMS Personnel within the Enchanted Circle. There were several lectures at this event which included:

  • Sepsis Lecture
  • Airway/RSI
  • Chest Trauma
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Documentation
  • 12 Lead Practice
  • Pediatric Trauma
  • Endocrine Emergency
  • Syncope/AMS
  • Tactical/Situational Awareness
  • Burns
  • Acute Mountain Sickness/ Hypothermia

Endocrine Emergency Lecture by Dr. Berglund of UNM EMS Consortium

Endocrine Emergecy Lecture

Pediatrics Lecture with Dr. Dixon, the Medical Director of Taos County Fire/EMS and UNM EMS Consortium

Pediatrics Lecture

Syncope and AMS Lecture by Dr. Kim Pruett of Albuquerque Fire Dept. and UNM EMS Consortium

Syncope and Altered Mental Status Lecture
CE Training

Pediactrics Lecture by Dr. Dixon

Pediatrics Lecture