Do I have to Accept EMS Services?

No. You have the right to refuse any treatment. In such case, however, you will be required to sign a release form acknowledging that you have refused the County’s services. You will thereafter not be billed as no services will have been provided. However, if you allow the responding EMTs to perform an assessment/evaluation without transport to the nearest hospital there will be a fee for this service.

Current Ambulance Billing Rates:

In accordance with the state-wide ambulance tariff, approved by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and adopted by the County or Taos’ Governing Body, the following rates apply to all ambulance services provided by the County:

Advanced Life Support 2 = $878.00
Advanced Life Support 1 = $607.00
Basic Life Support = $512.00
Response only/Patient Evaluation = $136.00
Note: under the tariff, the County charges a fee of $12.75 per mile of transport.

What if the Customer is Deceased?

If an ambulance customer has passed away and left no insurance or estate through which to pay for ambulance charges, provide a copy of the death certificate via email or send by mail.