Recording & Document Requests


To record a document such as a deed, mortgage, water rights, lien or other you must:

Bring the document in person to the Clerks Office or send by mail:  

  • Documents must be original (all required seals and signatures) 
  • Notary Information must be complete signature, date, seal, and expiration date is required
  •  (NMSA 14-8-4)  Certified copies of documents are also accepted for recording.

The recording fee is $25.00 per document up to 10 indexed entries (names, lots, property description all count as an entry) if the document exceeds 10 entries an additional $25.00 is charged for each additional block of 10 entries.  

Staff will inspect each document that is submitted for recording, if rejected an explanation will be provided. We do not accept documents with white out. 

  • Recording Fees are due at the time of recording by cash, check or credit card
  • All original documents are returned immediately after recording
  • Notary services are available at no charge to the public

Please Note: Clerk's Office staff cannot give legal advice on whether the documents you are recording are correct, complete or legally sufficient for your purposes. 

The Clerk's Office does not provide deed forms or any other type of form. You may purchase forms from most stationary stores, download online or contact a professional preparer.

Documents for recording may be sent to:

Taos County Clerk 105 Albright Street Suite D, Taos, NM 87571

Checks payable to: Taos County Clerk 

Plats / Surveys 

  • Plat sizes of 18x24 are accepted for recording
  • Only legible original plats with original signature/seal will be accepted.
  • We require at least (1) original and (1) black line copy of the original plat for recording.
  • Plats require a Licensed Surveyor's Seal and Signature
  • Some plats may require Planning Department approval and notary please be sure information is complete prior to recording

Military Discharge Filings (DD214's)

The County Clerk shall record discharge papers free of charge (NMSA 14-8-17)

Copies of military discharge papers filed with the County Clerk are available free of charge only to the following individuals: the veteran, the veteran's next of kin, the veteran's properly appointed personal representative or executor, or a person holding the veteran's general power of attorney (NMSA 14-2-1A)

Last Will & Testament

When recording such document, staff will require photo ID the individual must sign a waiver acknowledging that such document will be public record and open for public inspection. 

Document Requests

Copies of recorded documents (deeds, plats/surveys, mortgages, water rights, or other) may be obtained in person, by phone or via email. Documents are not available online. 

In order to find a recorded document for you we need at least one of the following:

  1. Name of the grantor/grantee
  2. Document # also known as Reception #
  3. Book and Page 

Other helpful information may include recorded date or Property Tax ID#. 

Please Note: Documents are not available online at this time. However, the public is allowed to perform their own searches. There are computers available for public use during office hours.

Staff cannot perform title searches please contact a title company

All requests are normally fulfilled within 24 hours, complex or large requests may require additional time. See Clerk's Office Fees. ALL Recorded Documents are public record and open to public inspection. 

  1. Clerk's Office

    Physical Address
    105 Albright Street
    Suite D
    Taos, NM 87571